Wednesday, 8 December 2010

My Fashion Hero (and all around life hero!)

A lot of people my age pick really stereotypical people when asked who their fashion hero is, Alexa Chung or Fearne Cotton if they are trying to seem cool and Indie, Lily Allen or Audrey Hepburn if they want to seem classy... you know the types! My fashion hero and pretty much favourite person of the moment is someone who isn't getting many column inches and isn't in many magazines here in Britain and that is the young and up and coming actress Emma Stone.

The 22 year old American actress is best known for her roles in Superbad, Zombieland and more recently the lead in Easy A where she plays a high school student who uses the rumour mill to advance her own popularity/infamy and along the way causes a lot of trouble but in classic teen movie style it's all okay in the end! Although known for her comedic roles, Stone has been cast as Gwen Stacy in the new Spiderman film for which she has recently swapped her trademark red hair for blonde!

A lot of celebrities these days seem to lose their youth with their dress, take Taylor Momsen for example, you could be forgiven for thinking there is a 25 year old woman underneath that mop of blonde hair and layers of black when in fact she is only 17. Emma on the other hand dresses in a way that is glamorous while still showing off her youth. Often seen in short hemlines, she knows how to dress for what is considered to be in fashion but still adding a unique and fun twist.

At the premiere of Ghosts of Girlfriends Past in April 2009. Her black dress shows classic red carpet glamour while the Miu Miu bow necklace adds a unique and youthful twist which brings something very fresh to the outfit, not to mention those beautiful strappy platforms.

With friend Taylor Swift at the premiere of Easy A in September 2010.
Emma glitters in this fabulous sequinned Pucci mini dress with a dropped back whilst Swift looks frumpy and uncomfortable in green satin (with clashing red lipstick might i add)

As well as being strikingly beautiful, Emma Stone is remarkably down to Earth. Watching her films is intriguing both for her talent and large amount of on screen charisma. She remains modest and thankful in every interview i have seen of her and is a nice breath of fresh air from the recent influx of bratty young actresses.
Her main attribute which I find rewarding is her obvious talent for comedy, both scripted and when interviewed.
Her recent hosting of Saturday Night Live was both endearing and hysterical to watch.
In Britain she is not getting enough attention but i'm sure all the hype about the new spider man film will change things. I want to see her in magazines because she is basically my girl crush and i love her.


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