Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Do you really need another pair of shoes?

As the famous, fictional, fashionista Carrie Bradshaw once said, "it's really hard to walk in a single women's shoes,  that's why sometimes you need really special shoes" and it is this talent of finding these "special shoes" that many women possess and few would be willing to sacrifice. Statistics show that women spend an average of £33,000 on shoes in a lifetime. It seems staggering but that works out at £527 a year, so for some of you that figure might be a horrifying reality! How often have you stood in a shop and thought 'oh it's only one more pair' despite having over a dozen pairs of black heels in your wardrobe? The fact of the matter is women love shoes, whether it is the latest season's Louboutins or a bargain pair of flip flops from Primark, we can't resist!

As a shoe lover myself, my motto is 'yes you probably do need another pair of shoes!' We have all had those dark days where we wake up feeling crabby and angry at life and nothing you do will get you out of that rut. When I feel like this, I believe that shoes are the answer. They don't need to be expensive, elaborate or extravagant, sometimes all it takes is a well crafted pair of black pumps to be slid onto your foot and your troubles flow away into oblivion.

 As a child I found shoe shopping a harrowing experience, sitting on those little stools and having your feet measured while the sales assistant disappears into a room and brings out five pairs of equally ugly black lace up school shoes. Thankfully, these days are gone and shopping for shoes, whether alone or with friends, is now an enjoyable experience. Different women have different tastes and opinions on clothes, not to mention different body shapes; which can cause shopping with companions to be stressful to say the least! However, a beautifully crafted shoe can be appreciated by women with varying or opposing styles which makes the shopping a much more harmonious experience for all involved!

Shoes are a tool used to express personality and creativity. A simple glance downwards at a persons choice of shoe can reveal so much about a character. For me there is nothing better than finishing off the perfect outfit with the perfect pair of shoes, it's like a cherry on top of the cake!

After spending my weekends scouring Elle and Vogue for items to add to my wish-list, these are my top 5 shoes of this season.

1. Christian Louboutin- 24 Trous 120 Suede boots.

2.Tabitha Simmons- Carrie Suede Pumps
3.Burberry- Lace Up Leather and Canvas Boots

4.Miu Miu- Suede Strappy Platform Sandals

5.Giuseppe Zanotti- Suede multi strap sandals

Hope you enjoy the shoes! xoxo


  1. The answer is most definitely yes! Everyone really needs another pair of shoes (: You write really well I'd also like to add, and I love these shoes!
    ~ Miss-Sarah

  2. ahh thanks :) and yes the shoes are awesome!